Would you like to vote for the Dutch members of the European Parliament, and are you a national of another Member State of the European Union? You may choose to vote in the Netherlands.

Voting in the Netherlands 

If you want to vote in the Netherlands, you must fill in a form: ‘Declaration of voting for the European Parliament in the Netherlands (Y 32)’. On this form, you declare that you are not voting in another country. You may only vote for the European Parliament once.

Model Y 32 (Declaration of voting for the European Parliament in the Netherlands)(externe link)

The municipality must receive the completed form by 23 April 2024. Our address is:

Gemeente Lingewaard
Postbus 15
6680 AA Bemmel

Are you unsure whether you are already registered? Or would you like to check or supplement your personal data? Contact us:  (+3126) 32 60 111. 

You can also submit the declaration online (only in dutch). You need DigiD for this.

DigiD linkVerklaring stemmen voor Europees Parlement in Nederland

Voting in your country of origin 

If you want to vote in your EU country of origin, you do not have to inform us. For more information on how to vote in your country, see the website of the European Parliament(externe link).  

> More information about voting in European Parliament elections(externe link)